“Wax” Museum At Morris Hill

Welcome to the 2nd Grade Wax Museum sign

The 2nd Grade students at Morris Hill Elementary School are getting an in-depth look at the lives and impact of famous inventors that shaped our world today. On Monday, December 18th, the 2nd Grade Panthers dressed up and took on the persona of their assigned inventor during their Wax Museum presentations. From the creator of the chocolate chip cookie to the builder of the first video game console, students spent the last quarter researching the legacy of these quirky inventors.

“We hope that by studying inventors who persevered through difficult times, and engineered their ideas into fruition, we can inspire our students to solve the problems of tomorrow,” says Ms. Comstock, one of the 2nd Grade teachers at Morris Hill. “We have been blown away by our students’ capabilities and imagination when they put their mind to a project that really inspires them”, comments Mrs. Goodman, the other 2nd Grade homeroom teacher.

The enthusiasm for this project is evident when you speak to the students. When asked what his favorite part of the project was, Aiden said, “I liked making my poster for Pedro Flores (the inventor of the yoyo.” He shared that the coolest fact he learned was that, “he didn’t finish college, but he didn’t give up.” Skyla, who studied Nancy Johnson, the inventor of the ice cream crank machine, says, “I like how we just got a giant piece of paper to use our imagination and show what we learned about our inventor.”

Mrs. Goodman and Ms. Comstock hope that this investigative project will inspire their students to be tenacious engineers who will impact our world, similar to the inventors that they impersonated.

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