Weekly Message

Kansas Day – Students are invited to dress up like a famous Kansan, cowboy, or cowgirl. The students will be participating in various activities with their classroom to learn more about Kansas.

Yearbooks – Yearbooks are on sale. They can be purchased by returning the order form to school with payment. Those of you wanting to purchase a yearbook with a debit/credit card, may do so by stopping by the office. The cost is $14 until February 16. After that, the cost will be $16 (until we sell our allotted number of yearbooks). The yearbook will arrive around the first of May. We have sold out the previous two years. Be sure to get your order in early!

Box Tops – Continue to cut and send in Box Tops. Our school has set a goal of $950. We are a little more than half way there. If we meet our goal, Mr. Upham will get his head shaved during a Pride Celebration. Attached is a collection form to help you stay organized.

Cold and Flu – Like most of the country, we are seeing an increase in nurse office visits with cold and flu symptoms. Please read over the attached form sent out by the district.

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