Sienna’s Toy Drive

Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. Maynard, and Sienna Maynard standing together.

National Rare Disease Day is February 28, 2018. Morris Hill Elementary honored the day by hosting an assembly to announce their Toy Drive for the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City in honor of this day. This was also a tribute to a student, Sienna, who was diagnosed with Ollier’s Disease when she was three years old. Ollier’s Disease is a disorder where benign tumors grow near growth plate cartilage. Since she was three she has had multiple surgeries and spent many nights at Children’s Mercy Hospital.  Her disease only affects one out of 100,000 people worldwide, it is considered a rare disease. She says that every year she chooses a project to give back and this year she would like to host a toy drive for those in the hospital where she spent so many nights recovering. Sienna will have surgery again during the summer of 2018 to have her left leg lengthened and spend about a week in the hospital after the surgery. In recognition of all people with rare diseases, Sienna and students of Morris Hill Elementary will be donating new things such as Lego sets, books, art supplies and playsets now through March 15th to the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. If you would like to help Sienna and Morris Hill Elementary with their Toy Drive, please contact Morris Hill Elementary (785) 717-4650.