Weekly Message

Please see below for updates and events.

Drop-Off: We noticed that drop-off right around 8:00 am is causing some delays. Early Childhood and K-5 parents are essentially dropping off at the same time. This causes parents dropping off K-5 students to occasionally get blocked-in behind EC parents. We are instructing EC parents to park in a designated spot, or pull all the around to the yellow curb (like they do for pick-up at the end of the day) if they arrive before 8:00 am.Parents arriving for K-5 drop-off will continue to use the right two lanes for drop-off until 8:00 am. After this time, K-5 parents should use the left lane and park in the visitor parking spots and walk their student into the building so your student can be signed in and get a pass. Students not eating breakfast, or attending Sunshine Club can be dropped off as early as 7:45 am. Dropping off before 7:55 am should help alleviate some of the congestion at 8:00 am.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: We look forward to seeing everyone in the building next week for conferences. This is a great opportunity for parents and teachers to sit down and discuss how our students are doing. Teachers put a lot of time and effort into preparing for conferences. If you need to reschedule your conference, please communicate with your student’s teacher, or the office. It is the expectation of the school and Ft. Riley we hold conferences for 100% of our students.

No School: March 15-23 (Conferences and Spring Break).

School Store: Students brought home booklets for our School Store fundraiser. Please consider filling out the post cards. Students that return a completed book on Monday will receive a prize.

Have a great weekend!
Mr. Upham