Shark Tank At Morris Hill

Students presenting inventions to group.

The following article was written by Julia Comstock, 2nd grade teacher at Morris Hill Elementary.

Since returning from Spring Break, the 2nd Graders of Morris Hill Elementary have given thought to the daily inconveniences they face at school. They feel troubled about keeping their water bottles on the other side of the room, the zip ties around their desks that poke their legs, the lunch trays that spill and are thrown away daily, among other annoyances. They then explored the engineering process to find the answers to these problems. Using 3D Printing technology, the 2nd graders printed a prototype of their final project.

On Thursday, May 10, these students culminated their 3D Printing Projects by hosting an investor’s panel. Kenny Upham, Jamie Francis, Krista Wyman, Rebecca Pushee, and Melanie Laster sat in as our esteemed panel of investors for our 2nd Grade Shark Tank. The Morris Hill Panthers took turns presenting their prototypes and persuading their judges to invest in their product, in order to improve our school as a whole.

“Our product is really functional,” says Mya Johnson, inventor of the Spill-Proof Lunch Tray. “It not only stops us from spilling our food, but we can wash them and use them again, which is good for our planet!”

“It feels good to invent something that we can actually use,” explains Cash Burrell, inventor of the Improved Pencil Holder. “I feel like I made a difference by inventing this.”

The 2nd Grade teaching team at Morris Hill is pleased to see their young students take on such a challenging project. Ms. Comstock points out that, “Some teachers feel wary of engineering and 3D Printing projects in our younger grades, and we often underestimate the abilities of our primary students.” Natasha Goodman replies, “If our eight year olds are able to accomplish the feat they’ve done over the course of this month, we feel encouraged to imagine the world that they will create as adults.”