Primary Book Club

Students in grades K, 1, and 2 had the chance to meet with Mrs. Laster for a book club last week.  Students read the Bill Martin Jr Award nominee “What if?”. Students met in the school library, had a snack, and enjoyed the story being read aloud by Mrs. Laster.  When the story was finished, students drew a picture representing their interpretation of “What if”.  Students in grades 3-5 will meet to read “Restart”, a William Allen White Award nominee soon.

What if we were a rain fairy and we can play in ponds?
“What if” drawing by 2nd grader
What if unicorns were the only pets we could have?
Drawing about “What if” by 1st grader.
What if we are all just right and nobody has to be perfect?
“What if” drawing by 2nd grader.
What if zombies invade the world?
“What if” drawing by 1st grader.