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  • Implemented Safe and Civil Schools Initiatives such as Levels of Behavior and Referral/Reporting.
  • Took staff through the KESA rubrics to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Scored above state average on all KAP assessments.
  • Implemented Life Skills Tiket System to recognize staff and students for following the PAWS guidelines.

School Improvement Goals

Morris Hill students will improve their math skills, fluency, and problem solving skills.
Morris Hill students will improve their reading skills and abilities.

Site Council

Site Council consisted of five members. This council met five times throughout the year and discussed school demographics, Engage NY, Journeys, KESA format and rubri, KAP format, preparation, results from previous years, and more.


Please send records to our head secretary, Megan Rikoric.

Mrs. Megan Rikoric

(785) 717-4650

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