Morris Hill Book Fair

The Book Fair begins Monday, October 21 and runs through Thursday, October 24. Book Fair will be open each day from 7:45 untl 3:30; except for Tuesday and Thursday when it will be open until 8:00pm. Mrs. Turner has lunch Read more

Fire Safety

On Tuesday, October 8, members of the Fort Riley Fire Department came to Morris Hill. Students learned how to check a door for heat, crawl under the smoke, leave through another access point if needed, and to Stop, Drop, and Read more

Intermediate Book Club

Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Laster in a book club to read “Restart”. In “Restart”, Chase has taken a fall and does not remember life before what he kows now. Some Read more

Pizza for Panthers

Join us on Tuesday, October 1 for an evening of knowledge. There will be an opportunity to hear from classroom teachers, the nurse, the school counselor, the principal. We will begin at 5:00, with 3 sessions 15 minutes each, and Read more

Primary Book Club

Students in grades K, 1, and 2 had the chance to meet with Mrs. Laster for a book club last week.  Students read the Bill Martin Jr Award nominee “What if?”. Students met in the school library, had a snack, Read more

Week of April 8th

Tuesday: ELA State Assessment grade 3-5 Wednesday: EEE Day grade 5 Thursday: ELA State Assessment grade 3-5 Friday: Wear Red, White, and Blue in honor of our Military children