Morris Hill Elementary

Kindergarten Roundup Information

It is time to roundup our incoming kindergarteners for the 2020-21 school year! We have put together the information you will need to know for enrolling your student.  This information covers the types of things you can expect your student Read more

Morris Hill Book Fair

The Book Fair begins Monday, October 21 and runs through Thursday, October 24. Book Fair will be open each day from 7:45 untl 3:30; except for Tuesday and Thursday when it will be open until 8:00pm. Mrs. Turner has lunch Read more

Fire Safety

On Tuesday, October 8, members of the Fort Riley Fire Department came to Morris Hill. Students learned how to check a door for heat, crawl under the smoke, leave through another access point if needed, and to Stop, Drop, and Read more

Intermediate Book Club

Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Laster in a book club to read “Restart”. In “Restart”, Chase has taken a fall and does not remember life before what he kows now. Some Read more